DeFi sector Use Cases

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5 min readApr 9, 2021

The most important and popular use cases and projects in the DeFi sector, let’s take a closer look now.

1. open credit protocols — accessible to everybody

Open credit protocols have in all probability attracted additional attention recently than the other class within the field of DeFi on Ethereum. For the most part because of the meteoric rise in Dai’s use and different P2P protocols like Dharma and also the creation of liquidity pools like Compound Finance, localized disposal is garnering powerful attention, and truly thus. Open, localized disposal offers varied blessings over ancient disposal structures. It enables

· The integration of lending/borrowing of digital assets,

· the insurance of digital assets,

· instant group action process and new strategies of secured disposal,

· broader access to people that ar unable to access ancient services

· standardization and ability, which may scale back prices through automation.

Secured disposal mistreatment open protocols like MakerDAO and Dharma ar designed to reduce the necessity for trust. They attain this by creating use of the practicality of Ethereum-based good contracts. Open protocol disposal is entirely confined to the general public blockchain and has some intriguing long-run implications for increasing monetary inclusion worldwide. MakerDAO is that the most well-known localized disposal protocol.

2. supplying platforms and investment

Issuing platforms include a good vary of platforms, together with multiple exchanges that at the same time function issuance media. a major portion of supplying platforms are within the security token area.

Well-known security token supplying platforms like learned person and Harbor give issuers with the framework, tools, and resources to launch security tokens on a blockchain. they’re getting ready their own standardized token contracts for securities (i.e., ST-20 and R-Tokens) that give machine-driven compliance and customizable commercialism parameters to fulfill regulative needs. Besides, they’re equally integrated with service suppliers like broker-dealers, legal entities, et al. to help issuers in their method. twin exchange/issuance platforms embrace Overstock’s tZERO, as an example.

Issuance platforms and investment management systems ar possible to grow quickly in importance as additional participants enter the open finance world whereas providing growth for the DeFi system.

3. decentralised indulgent platforms

Decentralized indulgent platforms ar among the a lot of compelling parts of open finance that ar extremely complicated however provide tremendous potential. Augur launched a censorship-resistant platform supported Ethereum last year that permits folks to bet close to something. alternative comes, like intuition, ar aiming for one thing similar.

Betting platforms, or prediction markets, have long been well-liked money tools for hedging risk and speculating worldwide events. decentralised prediction markets alter constant factor, however with cryptocurrencies and while not the flexibility to censor the markets. Everything from political and weather forecasts to hedging all types of risks on money or adverse events within the universe is already offered in Augur.

4. exchanges and open marketplaces

The role of exchanges is consummated by decentralised exchanges (DEX). A DEX could be a P2P marketplace for assets on Ethereum between 2 parties, wherever no third party acts as associate intercessor during a dealings. Thus, they dissent from centralized exchanges like Coinbase & Co. during this respect. Some DEX conjointly uses some extremely innovative ways of exchanging tokens like atomic swaps and alternative non-depository means that of exchanging one plus for one more with token settlement time and risk.

Other varieties of open marketplaces concentrate on exchanging non-fungible tokens (NFTs), typically mentioned as crypto-collectibles. Platforms like OpenSea and Rarebits facilitate the search and buy/sell of crypto assets starting from NFTs in games like Cryptokitties to virtual land parcels within the game Decentraland. Some marketplaces, like District0X, ar even aforesaid to permit users to form their own exchanges and vote on management procedures. Current samples of dexs that provide cryptocurrency commerce embody Binance DEX and Ether Delta.

5. stablecoins

Stablecoins currently are available in a large style of models. They disagree partly in however they issue coins, however their reserves area unit checked, and therefore the mechanism for fixing their value. Stablecoins area unit tokens issued by a blockchain that area unit meant to keep up a stable price. There sometimes could be a peg to associate degree external plus like USD, gold, or others to realize this. Roughly, the subsequent three classes are often distinguished in stablecoins:

· Crypto collateralized

· Fiat collateralized

· Non-collateralized

Crypto collateralized stable coins embrace Maker’s Dai. Fiat-backed stablecoins, however, area unit out and away the foremost widespread stablecoins on the market. 1st and foremost is Tether, though there area unit currently varied alternatives. The models for these stablecoins don’t disagree abundant from one another. With all of them, users ought to trust the suppliers. Some supply regular and voluntary audits to make the mandatory trust through transparency.

Unsecured stablecoins area unit neither centralized nor backed by crypto assets. they’re designed on associate degree rule to keep up a stable price. to place it merely, the rule considers offer and demand as parameters and adjusts them consequently, continually to stay them in a very balanced quantitative relation. the idea was the pioneer during this class however failing because of restrictive issues. As a result, the project was scrapped.

The future of DeFi — potential or all hype?

The final question, of course, is however nice the potential of the entire DeFi movement is? primarily, it are often expressed that there area unit several things within the field of cryptocurrencies that area unit merely overhyped. The immeasurable potential is attributed to the vision in order that the particular product has no probability the least bit to measure up to the exaggerated expectations. What follows is severe edification and neutrality. However, with DeFi, it’s a small amount completely different as a result of there area unit already some finished product like MakerDao, and therefore the market has received them well.

Nevertheless, we have a tendency to area unit still in an exceedingly} very early section of the entire DeFi movement. However, the potential behind it’s large. though just one spate of DeFi, like disposal, were to achieve the longer term, that’s already over enough. If the DeFi system can give loans at higher conditions than most national banks and alternative disposal establishments, this might cause world adoption.

But this can be additionally wherever we have a tendency to area unit already at one amongst the largest hurdles that the DeFi sector still needs to overcome. For one factor, a lot of education is required in order that the plenty even grasp that this different exists. As before, solely a small share is even involved with the problems encompassing cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Even fewer upset the DeFi sector particularly or have even detected of it. On the opposite hand, the user-friendliness of such product should be improved tremendously to line the mandatory course for the broad plenty to use it and for world adoption to require place.



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