Blockchain Technology is the Future

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2 min readJul 1, 2021

Blockchain is the underlying network of cryptocurrency. There are many cryptocurrencies in the market. This technology enhances flexibility, security issues, and even data transfer processing due to its advantages. We can say it’s the key to so many problems.

Data manipulation with time is one of the reasons why blockchain is the key. Blockchain shows the history of data but in other databases, we just get the updated data, however, we get the history of updating in blockchain’s case.

With blockchain, no one can target a single structure because there is no single unique database to store the information which means blockchain is a decentralized system. Moreover, the information is secured, because there is no single control order. So, the copies of the blockchain are available in every node and updated everywhere as well.

No matter what is the problem, blockchain promises to provide ways because it’s the solution to many issues. The future may ask to secure every system even more, but there is no worry as long as we’ve got blockchain technology which can also reduce the risk of hacking and data tamper.

In almost all areas of our lives, we have delegated our trust to a third party that seems sufficiently worthy of our trust. The health system, bank entities, online cartography providers are examples of this case. When we ask for a medical appointment, we trust that the system will give us one of the available appointments, but with blockchain, the trust occupies in the network itself, so that there is no single entity that centralizes, governs, and controls the data.

The change that blockchain is bringing to our lives is not all about technological changes. Blockchain is a change of paradigm, it’s a way of understanding social relations in a globalized and connected world.

Now, we all know that the blockchain affects all the areas of our future lives. In fact, the future technology with blockchain will be something that today we call science fiction.

Are you ready for the big changes?




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